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Self-Confidence….why not have it?

Self-Confidence….usually used on its own, but comes with more than just confidence. Being self-confident, is being secure in your own capabilities. It requires no doubt within yourself and believing you can achieve what is set out before you.

Self-confidence contains two attributes to become one: self-efficacy and self-esteem. Self-efficacy is the mastering a skill and achieving goals of the same skills. Self-esteem however, is where persons believe they have to be accepted and approved by those around them, in order to be happy. Self-esteem, is a mind trick of not feeling good enough…YOU ARE!!! Putting these attributes together, self-efficacy and self-esteem, you develop and have self-confidence.

Building confidence cannot always nor can it be a quick fix. Trying a quick fix to confidence will only leave you feeling depressed with yourself and wanting to give up. So, here are a few tips to gaining self-confidence:

  1. Pause…take a deep breath and analyze where you are right now in your life. Take note of all YOUR achievements to date. Make a list if you may, as I believe writing is always the best policy of forward thinking. Meaning, when you write, the mind in itself believes whatever you wrote, is something IMPORTANT, so it retains while writing…
  2. Think about what is important TO YOU and what makes you HAPPY. Forget the world in these few minutes and really think about and what makes you feel GREAT on the inside, when doing it. Do whatever is it again….
  3. Discover your strong points. What are your strengths and your weaknesses…yes, your weaknesses are also important, as it helps you to also discover what makes you feel less confident in yourself.
  4. Change your mind set. Start thinking and telling yourself every second you get, you can achieve what you set out to do. You have to take control of your mind, tell yourself and remind yourself that you are AMAZING and can achieve greatness. Whenever you start doubting yourself, find an article or even a great book to read that motivates you in any way (my favorite right now is “When The Miracle Drops” by Jessica Dupart)https://iluvcolors.com/products/when-the-miracle-drops

Create small goals in which you wish to achieve, in short time frames. This will help develop your confidence over time. Work on your self-efficacy…find that skill you have and work with it. Eventually, you will then look back at the goals you wrote and realize, you achieved them in no time at all. You will be laughing asking yourself, “why have I been doubting myself all this time?”

Life is worth LIVING!!!!!

empower empowerment support, Uncategorized, writing inspire motivate



SHE IS…Avalon Gomez – Entrepreneur, Woman Builder, Woman Supporter.

Brand Strategist, Coach, Business Owner…CEO.   Molding women into whom they desire to be as individuals and business owners..one female at a time!


…Someone who realizes they are not living the life they deserve….HOLDS POWER!!!

Being a woman is already difficult enough….BUT having to survive as a woman, is a lifetime journey. With that being life, we as woman have to on all terms…learn to support and hold on to each other! And as female entrepreneurs….IT IS HARDER!!!

The comes a time in your life you have to wear the big boy pants and be “The Man”. Being the man and standing up for what you believe in…being the man and building something from ground up…being the man and dropping what you have going on to help uplift someone else.

A lot of us are weak in believing, the life we’re living is all that we deserve and is the best we can do. Well, that’s a NO, and a complete NO! The life we tell ourselves we deserve, is the life WE made a CHOICE to ACCEPT to LIVE! We, the individual, has to POWER to live the life we deserve, and not what we are told to live, nor what we are told that we deserve. Someone who realizes they are not living the life they deserve…HOLDS POWER!! Meaning, you control who YOU are, who you desire to become, your own style…YOU! No one can live your life better than you. No one can be you better than you!

Start believing that YOU and and YOU WILL…you manifest your life, your journey, your purpose. Folks can only tell you what they think you should do, but that does not mean their opinion is the FACT. No one see nor live your vision but..

Go be great and be the BEST version of YOURSELF ever!!!


Knowing Your Worth in Business…

There will be persons not thinking or believing you are good enough to do what they seek because it’s you…

In this cold world there are so many instances where persons have to lower their value to gain a job in almost if not all industries.  As a makeup artist, I have been to a place because of my good heart, done free makeup so many times, not only to build my portfolio, but because didn’t think I was good enough to be paid.  I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to get out of that industry, all because I started telling myself I wasn’t good enough.  But, it wasn’t that I’m not good enough, but persons, even those that consider me their friend, just didn’t want to pay me to do their makeup.

I have heard so many sad stories as to why persons could not afford my very low prices. These same persons whom asked me for favors because they were “low on cash” were the same persons finding those coins to pay someone else, who had a large Instagram following. I started thinking, it’s not that I’m not good enough, but they just don’t think I should be paid, because I don’t have a big name. They don’t have the cash to pay me but can pay everyone else…HOW? SO…guess who stopped doing free makeup (unless I say to you to come it’s ok) and the friends stopped asking favors, because I told them all, they have to pay.

I started to appreciate my talent and doing something I love, and stopped being a push over..it feels good. To this day, I still have “friends” who refuse to pay me as a client and go to others without a problem and doesn’t care about the price either. And take my notes as I know to myself, one day, they will return for another favor.

Long story short, know your worth. You have a price for your work, there will be family and friends that believe they should not be charged for your services in whatever field, but note, anyone that consider themselves as someone supporting you and want to see you do great, that person will pay your price no matter what.

Don’t be pressured or feel guilty about your fees for anyone, they will pay if they truly support you. You better believe in yourself and your brand, if no one else does.  That one line I ALWAYS say to myself and the people I care about in any business, do your do as you never know who’s watching!